HTS Trainers Materials annotation generator

There are 4 main types of annotation: 'Author','Content', 'Dataset' and 'Course'. The 'Content' type is divided into topics, such as 'ChIP-Seq','RNA-Seq',...

The 'Author' type gives you the opportunity to describe who you are and what material you contributed in a given topic. The 'Content' type is sub-divided in topics. There you can annotate your materials, e.g. lectures, practicals,... The 'Dataset' type allows you to describe a dataset (or a subset thereof) used for e.g. tutorials The 'Course' type allows you to bring the three of the above - possibly including multiple 'Content' - under the same umbrella.

Select the type of material you want to annotate:

General templates


Content templates


Selecting an item will redirect you to a specific form where you will provide details about the material. Upon completion, the annotation file will be generated and a curator informed of your submission. This curator will then be in contact shortly to validate and help you finalize the submission.


Material upload

This form only helps you create the annotation for you material. For the actual material upload to the repository, your assigned curator will provide you with additional information.
Linking materials

If you want to annotate several material belonging to the same course, please make sure to use the same email address throughout the submissions and cross-reference your materials in the 'Content','Dataset' or 'Contributed Materials' relevant entries.